Caucus and be a Delegate for Russ Henry for Parks!

The DFL Caucus are set for Tuesday April 4th, 2017. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and caucus will convene at 7:00 p.m and go until 9 p.m. And, attend as a Delegate on July 8th at the Minneapolis Convention Center. We'll keep you updated via email.
Russ Henry

Will you caucus for Russ?


What Happens at Caucus?

At the city-wide caucuses, neighbors in each precinct gather to talk about local issues with each other and the candidates.

Can I Caucus?

To participate in the caucuses and convention you just need to be eligible to vote in November 2017, and sign a statement that you are not affiliated with another party. At caucus, delegates will also be elected.

Can I be a Delegate?

Delegates are residents who are willing to attend the DFL convention on July 8th (at the Minneapolis Convention Center), which is the event that ultimately determines candidate endorsement. If you are interested in becoming a delegate, it is usually as simple as volunteering for the role.

How Does Endorsement Work?

There are two hurdles. First, Russ will need to gain support at the precinct caucuses, and second, Russ will need to win the vote for endorsement for Park Board Commissioner At Large at the city convention.

What Happens at the Caucus?

Click here to read Caucus Goers 101. And watch a video about what happens at caucus here:

More specific info will be provided upon registering!

Where do I Caucus?

To find your caucus location, you’ll need to know what ward and precinct you are in. Find this out at the Minnesota Secretary of State website. Then, you can use the map tools on that site or use the google map below to find out where you go to caucus.

New Tool from the DFL! Now, you can find out where you caucus AND pre-register online, then take the fast lane through the "pre-registered" line when you arrive to caucus. Just signup here and bring your "confirmation code" to your caucus.

If you are unable to attend caucus but wish to participate you must fill out this form and deliver it to your caucus convener:

What Happens at the Convention?

At the convention, delegates will hear speeches and will cast votes for the candidate they would like to endorse. Endorsement goes to the candidate who receives 60% of the votes. If it doesn’t happen on the first round of voting, balloting continues until a candidate reaches the 60% threshold, the maximum number of ballot rounds has been reached, or 51% of the delegates decide to not endorse any candidate. 

Below is a handy map, not official,
made by Devin Hogan to find your caucus location.