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"Our picks for at-large seats are progressive champions Londel FrenchRuss Rooster Henryand Devin Hogan. These candidates share our commitment to justice and equity and hold a powerful vision for what our parks can be--a place for all of us. We look forward to making sure these candidates are elected!"

-- TakeAction Minnesota

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Russ Henry's relentless passion and persistence for the natural environment makes him a formidable candidate.

Russ and Andrew Johnson"I have known Russ for five years now, and I believe he will grow as a leader on the Park Board and leave our parks better through many contributions, even if he doesn't always go with the flow.

It's his frequent outside the box thinking combined with strong values-based convictions that offers exceptional possibility. That is why I hope you will join me in supporting Russ Henry for Park Board At-Large."

-- Andrew Johnson, Ward 12 City Council Member Ward

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Russ Henry has been very helpful to me in my work to bring forward innovative local urban food policies for the last several years.

Karen Clark“Russ is increasingly committed to more community engagement with racial equity and to public health with pesticide-free park land management. I am proud to endorse Russ Henry for Minneapolis Park Board At-Large. I trust he will help guide our Minneapolis parks away from toxic pesticide use and toward a healthier future with organically grown fruit trees and more community-based gardens hosted within our neighborhood parks. Russ has also committed to promote organic and locally grown food purchasing for our Minneapolis Park's programs--an important food justice issue."

-- Karen Clark (DFL), MN House of Representatives 62A

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I endorse Russ Henry for Park Board At-Large because he understands that building power together moves Minneapolis from equity talk to justice work.

"Participation fees and the zip code you live in should not prevent Minneapolis children and families from accessing our parks. Parks provide public health for our city and its people. Every dollar we spend on a private consultant is a dollar we take away from the youth that use our rec centers."

--Ilhan Omar, 60B Minnesota State Representative

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Russ has the kind of leadership we need

"I’m really excited for Russ Henry’s candidacy for Minneapolis Park Board.  I see Russ as a true partner for legalizing sustainability for the City of Minneapolis and in our park system. We need leaders like Russ to step up and be a central part of decision making.  Russ is one of the hardest working people in Minneapolis.  I couldn’t think of anyone that’s more qualified, that has more experience, or is a better fit for Minneapolis Park Board.  Russ has the kind of leadership we need, dedicated, committed, and passionate about advancing the health, future, and vitality of our city through the parks!"

--Alondra Cano, Minneapolis Ward 9 City Council Member

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Russ has demonstrated not only how much he cares about our city and its future, but also, how effective he can be at making a real difference.

"After getting to know Russ over the last 10 years there is no doubt in my mind that he ready, able and needed on the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. His deep and passionate commitment to racial justice, a healthy environment and authentic community engagement are undeniable.  As an activist pushing the city council to adopt pollinator-friendly planting practices; as a volunteer board member for Restorative Justice Community Action helping get youth back on track; and as chair of the Minneapolis Food Council helping promote access to healthier foods for everyone, he has demonstrated not only how much he cares about our city and its future, but also, how effective he can be at making a real difference.  I look forward to voting for him in 2017."

--Cam Gordon, Minneapolis Ward 2 City Council Member

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Russ is a Consensus Builder

"I would be incredibly proud to have the opportunity to serve with Russ. He’s made me a better Park Board commissioner. When he is attacked, he doesn’t respond in kind and I think that is a very noble and important characteristic for leaders. He listens to folks who have a different view than he does, and is very consensus building."

—Brad Bourn, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Commissioner

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Russ Understands the Importance of Healthy Soil

"Russ’ vision for Minneapolis parks is a vision that is uplifting for all Minneapolis residents. He is for transparency in what happens with funding and decision making, and I appreciate how he pushes the urban agriculture agenda forward. He understands the importance of healthy soil."

—Tracy Singleton, owner of Minneapolis’ Birchwood Cafe 

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Our City is lucky to have leaders like Russ Henry!

"I can think of no one better to serve on the Park Board, especially now. Russ is deeply engaged in the issues that matter most — our quality of life, our environment, and beautiful, useful outdoor spaces. He understands our responsibility to care for our green spaces and to ensure that they are available to everyone. He is a strong advocate for equity and social justice; committed to a vision of the City’s commons. Having worked with Russ for many years on the Food Council, I can attest that he is a committed and empathetic leader. He listens. He understands the power of collaboration and inspires others to work engage with each other to move things along. Russ loves our parks; he has tremendous integrity; he meets his promises; he shows up."

—Beth Dooley

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