Equity for All

Minneapolis Parks system has a major equity problem. While parks in affluent areas have ample resources, parks in low-income areas suffer from lack of programming and facilities. To create equity in Minneapolis Parks, we need to focus programming and facilities upgrades in low income neighborhoods where they’re most needed.

After school programming options are limited by budget, but all kids need to have something productive and fun to do after school. Kids whose parents have fewer economic resources should be receiving more support from parks systems in order to thrive. Our Parks should be doing all it can provide mentoring and community building programming for so many Minneapolis kids.

We don’t need to take away programming from parks in affluent neighborhoods, but we absolutely do need to add more programming to low-income neighborhoods. As a commissioner, I will prioritize work to add programming and facilities in low-income neighborhood parks.

To ensure we are working equitably and keeping the Park Board accountable to the people, we need Open Data, and Open Participatory Budgeting.

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