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Indigenous plant knowledge

Bring awareness to indigenous plants, especially medicinal and ceremonial plants, to further connect people to the original inhabitants of this occupied land.

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Dedicate 10% of Minneapolis parks to "drop-in urban gardening"

-- where people can literally spend 10 minutes in the garden either cultivating or harvesting. Instruction cards or to do list  could provide activities currently needed.

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Make MPRB Pollinator Friendly!

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Cooperative urban farm training center - collaborative partners.

-- A public/private partnership - creating a place where thought and technology converge! The greenhouse is located at Dowling and Humboldt across the street from Folwell Park. The Phillip Murphy flower shop is our version of Frogtown Farms. It is the "Arboretum of the North", "The Cookie Cart On Steroids", the  "Greenhouse On The Greenway"

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Food Fanfair - a “Taste of Minnesota” style series of food events in park centers around the city.

Recruit, showcase/profile taste tests, food demonstrations, family recipes, value added food-urban farm expo-exhibitions, competitions, culinary talent search social media campaigns/contests that identify- grow local food champions, develop culinary arts training, certification, infrastructure and technical support for food entrepreneurs.

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Youth run coffee carts in parks!

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Youth gardening programs in parks.

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Turn Hiawatha Golf Course Into a Food Forest

Imagine a much cleaner Lake Hiawatha and a wetland teeming with life: fish, frogs, turtles, wild rice and many bird species. It is surrounded by a large park where almost everything is edible. Mixed-use trails meander past trees heavy with apples, pears, plums and cherries.  Families enjoy blueberries, raspberries and hazelnuts while overlooking a playing field.  Herb gardens, salad greens and wildflowers connect to art installations celebrating cultures and histories.  Grape vines shade picnic tables while sunflowers stand proud next to play grounds.  This is a park to inspire the soul, nourish the people and heal the land. You can also support this BIG IDEA by signing the petition here.

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MPLS Parks Pick Your Own

The idea of pick-your-own fruit orchards are family friendly fun that many of us are familiar with. However, most all of the farms in Minnesota are outside the Metro ring and inaccessible via public transport, therefore inequitable to our low-incomce residents without transport. I would love to build a (or system of) fruit orchards at our larger Minneapolis parks. Imagine a pick-your-own strawberry patch at the Rose Gardens or Powderhorn Peach and Plum Orchard. Minneapolis holds the potential to grow delicious fruits and the potential to provide fresh fruit access to our neighbors who are unable to drive to Stillwater or Forest Lake.

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Restoration of St. Anthony Falls

Reconstructing the majestic, frothy, steamy series of waterfalls to be more historically accurate.

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Canoe Rental on the Mississippi River

Paddling just below St. Anthony Main down to the Ford Dam.

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Street Fruit Trees & Edible Transitions between "Wild Parks" and Human Habitat.

Planting cherries, small plums, serviceberries, chokecherries -- along parkways and low-traffic streets separating parks from residential areas. Currants and raspberries -- along the edges of forested areas.

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Projects with more youth involvement and training

(like the one we did with MPRB at Beltrami Park!) and/or fun activites involving food for youth.

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Foraging allowed in the parks

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Create Naturescape Corridors Throughout The Park System

-- pollinator-friendly native habitat, protected, pesticide-free zones necessary for our own food supply.

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Grow Healthy Food In Our Parks

-- training and programs for youth and adults who want to grow food in their neighborhood parks.

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Ecological Mapping, Guides, & Interpretive Trails

-- for promoting interaction & preservation of our locally abundant plants, trees, & flowers, & fungi.

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Rewilding Workshops & Educational Programming

-- foraging, wildcrafting, grafting, tapping, seed-saving, propagation & preservation.

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Community Food Forests in Every Neighborhood Park

-- reservable outdoor classroom/event pavilion space, bulk organic material collection, tool libraries, workshop space , chickens, ducks, honey bees & compost bins.

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