People Powered Parks

Each year the people of Minneapolis donate thousands of hours to help Minneapolis Parks and Recreation operate through volunteering and serving on Community Advisory Committees.

Too many times I’ve been told by these valuable volunteers who are working through advisory committees, parks planning meetings, or as activists working to help enlighten and support the parks that the MPRB doesn’t listen to the community. Many folks have described feeling dismissed, disregarded, or ignored by commissioners when bringing their concerns forward.

People need to feel connected to the decision making that occurs for our Minneapolis Parks.

But too often, Community members are the last-to-know about new policy changes at the Park Board. Too many MPRB policies are proposed by staff then voted on by commissioners with barely any input from affected neighbors and communities.

As a commissioner, I will:

  • listen to and engage voters in order to find solutions that work for the community
  • put community members first in the decision making process to move forward a policy agenda that advances equity, justice, and ecosystem restoration
  • transform the community engagement model of the Community Advisory Committees into citizen led, staff supported bodies

It is so rare for governing bodies to know how to listen to people, but it is not impossible. Your vote for Russ Henry for Park Board supports transforming the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board toward deep, authentic community engagement for People Powered Parks.


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